Monday, March 30, 2009

Boy, it's great to be in the new location... We are pretty organized for only being in there for 3 weeks. We still have a lot to do in the back room...Mary is still bringing in new stuff every 3 days or so and I have been getting my things in as we go. I had more in my garage than I realized. We are concentrating on some cool garden stuff. I love anything rusty, wiry and bent. Old baskets, buckets, little boxes, anything that you can fill with flowers or moss or shells...
We put a new gazebo in the store and it looks great. It's new, but has a lot of moss on it to give it that worn and aged English garden look. My friend Cathy and I went to the Sandpoint Antique show yesterday. I didn't find much this trip, Mary found some good stuff, but I did get to meet the guys from The Barnhouse, (Oregon) and the Queen of Tarte...Their space was too good!!! The displays were fabulous and make you want to go home and redo everything. Check our their blogs... it will keep you creative.
We are still working on our own antique show this May 16th...tell your friends..
There are a lot of things happening in town too. Rene' Paul antiques is moving to the old Painted Sky location, the Snohomish bicycle shop is open in my old space, Folands Foly moved into a bigger location by the bakery. We also got a little spot on Evening Magazine last Wednesday. It was pretty good.
Ok, be good,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We have a new date for our first annual antiques faire. There was a lot of confusion with the motorcycle show, bla, bla, bla....they are still negotiating for that date, so we were offered Saturday May 16th. We are so excited about this... we are expecting a good turnout and are including some fine arts and crafts.(no decoupage', doilies or pipe cleaner ornaments this time!!) Please check our website at for registration info and contact numbers. Please let everyone know our new date because we don't want anyone to miss out on this show.
I did get moved into my new spot.. love it, love it, love it..I tell you what, there is nothing better than playing store. I want to go to sleep early so that I can wake up and go to work! It was tons of work and if it weren't for Mary and Craig, Tamara, Linda, my husband Vern, the boys and many other friends, I would still be there setting things up. Mary worked her butt off and she loves all this just as much as I do... she's the best and my God, she has good stuff....Anyway, I'll add some pictures in the next day or two or three...if you get a chance, please come and see us, I think you will love our new spot.
And thanks to everyone who has asked and thought and prayed for my mother in law. She passed away, peacefully on March 2nd. I will think of her with only good memories and love.
Be Good