Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving Again!

I will be getting the keys to my new store on Saturday afternoon. I am so excited about the new location. Mary, her husband Craig and I were in there on Monday, pulling nails and puttying?(is that a word?)anyway, we got a lot done and can't wait to get those shop vacs humming. I will be taking some before and after pics so you can see the transformation. I hope to be up and running around March 9th or 10th. I will close the current store for a few days next week, so that I can concentrate on the new store.
I am also working with the city of Snohomish and Kimberly at Faded Elegance to put together an antique show this spring. Sunday, May 17th is the date and we've got our fingers crossed that it will be a success. I know a lot of dealers and store owners who know other people and so on and so on.... there's a lot going on!
Stayed tuned and hope to see some of you at the new place. Whew!
Be Good