Thursday, May 21, 2009

Success at Our First Show!!!

Whew!!!, we made it..Our first annual Snohomish Antique and Art Faire was a hit...It was more work than I imagined, but it turned out sooooo good. The weather was the best ever, can you believe it? The majority of the vendors were more than happy and want to come back next year. There were a few that didn't do as well as they were hoping, but still enjoyed themselves and thought for the first year, it went well. We know what we need to work on for next year and will have more time to plan and advertise. We are hoping for at least 100 vendors next year, enough to fill up the whole street! And thank you all who attended and blogged and called about the show. We appreciate all our awesome local customers and friends who help make an event like this a success. Maybe next year we can get some of you to help pass out flyers, etc. A special thanks to Timi..she showed up VERY EARLY and helped us load in the vendors and pass out the yummy scones that my friend Brigit made for the vendors. I told Brigit that she needs to have a booth next year to sell them. She got up at 4:am to bake them... Kimberly from Faded Elegance and her husband Anthony were non-stop along with Debbie from the city and Haley from.... Haley and Company. Her "boys" helped us pick up all those damn road signs afterwards and stored them in her back room. Thanks again, everyone. (Oops, forgot my husband/laborer, Vern.)
The next big event will be Farm Chicks, June 6th and 7th. Mary and I, along the husbands will hit the road on June 4th.. We hope to see you there.
After that, I'm not going to do anything but bask in the glory of havng just the store to concentrate on...until HOT BLOGUST NITE!! Saturday August 8th. I have had some really good response to this little party. I will keep you up to date with activities, door prizes, demo's and how to's from some creative, food, fun, shopping.... what could be better?
Here' to a wonderful summer, we deserve it!
Be Good,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Snohomish Antiques and Arts Faire

Don't forget to mark your calendar for this Saturday May 16th... We have some really good vendors for our first show. Melaine, from Dawn from Great Finds, I think LuLu will be here, not sure... but anyway good people with great stuff. The weather is even suppose to co-operate. Sunny?? Can that possibly be right.? We have some talented musicians to entertain us and good coffee shops and restaurants to feed you.. Next year we will have food vendors, we just didn't have enough time to get that part all put together. Mary and I won't have a tent outside, but we will have our stuff on sale here in the store. Please come in and say hi. (no purchase required..)
Farm Chicks is just a few weeks away and I'm getting closer to being ready..I am thinking of it as a little vacation for my husband and myself. He really does know that he is being forced to go as a laborer...I so love him though! We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this Sunday the 17th...Wow, that's hard to believe.
I will be receiving my Sid Dickens order the first week of June and naturally, I'm not ready for that.. Deb from Queen Bee is giving me here big, wood board that the tiles hang on. I will have to prep the store between the antique show and Farm Chicks...
The next event that I am working on will be called Hot Bloggust Nites... We are just in the planning stages, but we have some great ideas for a girls nite shopping, talking, eating and B.S ing experience. Mark Saturday August 8th for this event. Timi, and her vast blogging experience, is working with me. We already have Jana from Joy Works on board. The idea is to have our bloggers meet other bloggers that they follow in person..It sounds like some gals from the Portland area are already planning to come.. We think it sounds like fun. Let me know what you think.
That's it for now, be good!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Antique Show Countdown!

Well, we're now 12 days away from our first annual antique and art show. We have worked very hard in the small amount of time that we had to prepare. Thanks to Debbie, (city of Snohomish) Kimberly from Faded Elegance and Haley from Haley and Company, we have managed to get this thing going for real. I didn't realize how much goes into doing a show like this. Everything from getting vendors, to porta-potties to security...In fact, if anyone wants to volunteer their girl scout or cub scout pack for street barricade duty, we'd love to hear from you. The reward for their duty is food!!! I think we might be at 35 to 40 vendors signed up. Our meeting is tomorrow and I'll get a new count. Please blog along our date to all your fellow bloggers. Check the website at
My good Buddie, Carol from Gatherings in Marysville, has announced that she will be closing her store. I was really hoping that she would join me here in Snohomish, but has decided to do some other creative adventures. She is truly one of the most talented gals I have ever met. If you live in the area, you really need to treat yourself and just go and see this store... it's remarkable. Her website will remain up and active and updated A LOT MORE than I update mine. Carol, you know I love ya!! and I am really going to miss that sandwich!!! All through May,Gatherings will be offering 30% off select merchandise.. Good luck Carol.
The other event for me around the corner is FARM CHICKS.. I still say... oh my God, what was I thinking!!!.. actually, I am looking forward to the hoopla that I have been hearing about..Mary and I have been hoarding for a while and I think we'll will have a great looking space. Check us out when you go...don't forget to mention that you read it on the blog...
I will be making my Sid Dickens order tomorrow, so all you collectors start saving your Dickens Dollars for your next tile...
Ok, that's it...
Be Good