Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Blues!!

Man, does anyone else want it to be July??? I am so tired of this gray weather I could scream.. It's not like I don't have anything to do, but I just want it to be warm when I do it.
I will be very busy for the next month, since I am moving my store again.. The space is much bigger with tons of storage. My husband is happy about that part. He still is in shock over the move...I have had a lot of friends and customers offer to help with the move and I plan on calling on them if I get in a bind. Everyone in town has been excited about the move and I am looking forward to it. My good friend Mary will be joining me in my adventure. Her and I are great friends and we work, shop and decorate with similar style. We will combine our merchandise throughout the store instead of having just a space for her things. I think it looks better that way. We will both be out shopping for the next few weeks and also trying to get the new place cleaned, painted, put together..the old space cleaned, holes filled, paint touch-up, oh my God, what have I got myself into?!
The Seattle gift show finished up this week and I have to say that I was disappointed in it. I didn't see anything new that screamed for me to buy it.. and besides, I've decided that like the old stuff better. It's more fun to shop for and I like that someone else loved the thing before I did. I still have the new things, but will concentrate on finding really unique pieces.
I finally finished my bathroom and I'll add a couple pictures. I kept decided to do more minimal decorating in the bathroom. It looks very crisp and clean.. The wood cutout in the picture is an old folk art piece that I bought in Portland a couple years ago and I just had to find a spot for her. She is a Janzten Beach girl, probably from the 1940's. I have collected that style of wood folk art for a few years, but will probably start selling some of it. My look has changed , so they need to find a new home.
Things are picking up a little in town and I,along with the other store owners are optimistic about the future. There is a city wide sale the first weekend in February and that usually brings a lot of people to town. I will plan something as far as a grand opening at the new place, maybe some other stores want to stay open late on a Saturday... we'll see..
Anyway, lots going on and lots to do. I want to thank all my friends, especially Mary, for being so good to me. I am lucky to have them all!
Be Good

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Wow, did you all have a wierd holdiay season like I did? Everything was just plain wierd this year. The beautiful snow that we only dream about on Christmas turned out to be a nightmare. We pugetsounders would never, never survive in the midwest or god forbid, the Alaskan tundra! The few days before Christmas here in town were bad. It was like a ghost town, even the last minute husbands out to buy gift cards were not here. So, we survived the snow, had a little break and then the floods. How great was that. No way into town on hiway 9, had to go through Everett from Mill Creek just to here. But you know I love it anyway. This are better and there is a good buzz in town with possible new stores, restaurant...Jana and Clarice from Joy works have been shopping in Atlanta for a few days, so that is a great sign... FYI you have to go see the rubber boots they have..they are cowboy boots that are too cute!!! I think I'll have to break down and buy a pair.
Oh yeah, I'm moving again. I will be taking the Sun Song location just 5 stores up from me. I am very excited about it. It all came about very quickly and unexpectedly.. Both of our leases are up the end of February, so I will have my work cut out for me. I had lots of friends volunteer to help. It's a much bigger space, great display windows and the thing that made me almost cry, was the storage in the back.. Seriously, it's huge. I will finally be able to clear out my garage and have enough room for a project area, storage, storage storage....I'll take some picture once the Sun Song owners have a chance to get packed. They are retiring after 13 years in Snohomish.. They are super nice and I wish them the best. Everything in their store is on sale including lots of display pieces basic store items.
So that' what up for now. I'll keep you posted..
Be Good