Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bi-annual Update...

That's how I feel about keeping up with this blog. Thanks Timi, it's your fault. So much has been happening the last 6 weeks, its hard to put it all in order. First off, I still love my new spot and have been keeping very busy. I do sometimes have a hard time keeping pace with the responsibilities of owning a store, and in maintaining a semi-normal life. Even though my 2 boys are grown and out of the house, I can't seem to get the everyday things done. A lot of things have been changing in town. I'm sure everyone has heard that Queen Bee is closing. That was probably the biggest shock for all the gals that have been in love with the store. Debbie truely has made an impact on the way we decorate our homes and her style will be missed. She will continue to have her newsletter and keep everyone up to date on her future endeavors. Debbie was also kind enough to recommend that I continue to carry the Sid Dickens Memory Blocks here in Snohomish. I will have them available the first week of June. So all you local collectors, get me your names and numbers and I will let you know when new tiles arrive.
Mary and I signed up for the Farm Chicks show June 6 and 7th.. My God, what were we thinking!! We having been hoarding some good stuff though. I have never gone to a Farm Chicks event, but from what I hear, it's the most fun ever. We have 2 spots in the building on the left, so you'll have to look for us and mention that you read about the show on my blog and who knows, you might get a gift or a discount or something!
Our antique show is coming along really well..we have a combintation of vintage home decor, collectables and fine artists signed up and are hoping for a least 10 more. I know some of the vendors and they have some really great things. We are still looking for vendors, so give me a call if you know anyone interested.
In between all of this, my friend just called from Palm Springs and asked if Vern (the husband) and I can come and visit for a few days. I'm looking for a spot in our schedule. My sister in law just flew out of Bellingham to Reno and the tickets were really cheap.
I hope to see you here in the store, and be sure to let me know who you are, my blogging friends, so I can meet. By the way.. I am working with some friends on something that could be really fun.. It won't be until later in the summer, but stay tuned.
Be Good!